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   What we are looking for

Dear Valued Customer

To help you understand the value of your coins and what we are looking for, we have put together this guide. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Lincoln memorial (1959-2008) most of these are very common among collectors and show little premium. A few dates to bring to us are 1960d, 1970s, 1972, 1983,1984,1995,1999, 2000 as these years contain error coins.
 Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958).  We want to see 1909 to 1918, all types… Other key dates to bring in are 1922, 1924d, 1926s, 1931s, 1936, 1944d, 1944s and 1955. If your Wheat pennies have the same shine and luster as new pennies, bring them in.
Indian Head Cents (1859-1909) Bring all to us

Jefferson Nickel (1938- present) Very common among collectors with little premium value. A few dates to bring in are 1939, 1942d, 1943, 1945p,1949d,1950d,1954s,1955d,1994p, and 1997p
Buffalo Nickels (1913-1938) please bring in all dates from 1913 to 1926… other key dates are 1931s, 1935, and 1936d as these are errors. Any coin that you can clearly see the date on the front and the horn and tail on the back, bring in.
Liberty head (1983-1913) please bring them in

Roosevelt Dime (1946 to present) 
1946 to 1964 are 90% silver and have a premium regardless of condition. Please bring them in. Other key dates are 1981s, 1982, 1996w (issued in mint set)
Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) All have silver and have some premium value.. Key dates are 1916d, 1921,1926s, and 1942 as these may have errors
Liberty Head (1892-1916) please bring them all in.

State and Park quarters (1999 to present).. All are very common, but 2004d Wisconsin has an error and could have a premium.
Washington Quarters (1932- present)
1932-1964 have silver composition and a small premium regardless of condition so please bring them in. Other key dates are 1982 and 1983.
Standing Liberty (1916-1930) please bring them in
Barber Quarter (1892-1916) please bring them in

Half Dollars
Kennedy Half (1964 to present)
1964 is 90% silver and has a premium
1965 to 1970 is 40% silver and has a premium
Key dates after that are 1974d, 1979s, and 1981s
Franklin Half (1948-1963) Please bring them all in since they contain Silver. Some coins in excellent condition may be valued by collectors.
Liberty Half (1916-1947)  Please bring them all in
Barber Head (1892-1915) Please bring them all in

Native and Presidential (2000-present) are very common but some error years exist. 2000P, 2005P and 2005D
Susan B Anthony (1979-1999)  are very common with some errors with 1979s, 1979p, and 1981s
Eisenhower (1971-1978) are common but some varieties in 1971, 1972, and 1973 have a premium
Peace Dollar (1912-1935) Please bring them all in
Morgan Dollar (1878-1921) Please bring them all in

 We didn’t list it here, but anything from 1900 and earlier, please bring to us for appraisal and thank you for being a valued customer.